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Christ Lutheran School Calendar*

School Year 2023 – 2024


Date                     Day                      Item - Activities – Notice


SEPTEMBER 2023                          17 CLASS DAYS   (1 Teacher Workday)                       

6th                         W                         Faculty/Staff meetings and classroom preparation

7th                         Th                        School Opens; 8: 30 a.m.; Classes begin

11th                       M                         Christ Lutheran After-School Program (CLASP) begins


OCTOBER 2023                              21 CLASS DAYS   (1 Teacher Conference Day)            

3rd                         Tu                        School Picture Day (“Sunday Best”) Students; Staff

9th                         M                         NO CLASSES: Columbus/Indigenous Peoples Day

20th                       F                           NO CLASSES: LSA Teacher Conference Day

23rd – 27th              M – F                    Standardized Testing Week


NOVEMBER 2023                           19 CLASS DAYS                                                         

3rd                         F                           First Quarter Ends

9th                         *Th                       Report Cards Issued (*one day early, due to holiday)

10th                       F                           NO CLASSES: Veteran’s Day (Observed)

13th – 15th              M – W                  Parent-Teacher Conferences

23rd – 24th              Th – F                   NO CLASSES: Thanksgiving Recess

27th                       M                         8: 30 a.m.; Classes resume after Thanksgiving Recess


DECEMBER 2023                           16 CLASS DAYS                                                         

22nd                      F                           NOON DISMISSAL

25th – 29th              M – F                    NO CLASSES: Christmas Recess (through January 1, 2024)


JANUARY 2024                               21 CLASS DAYS                                                         

1st                         M                         NO CLASSES: New Year’s Day

2nd                        Tu                        8: 30 a.m.; Classes resume after Christmas Recess

15th                       M                         NO CLASSES: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

19th                       F                           Second Quarter Ends

26th                       F                           Report Cards Issued

(P/T Conferences, as scheduled, M – W 1/29-31, 2024)


FEBRUARY 2024                            16 CLASS DAYS                                                         

9th                         F                           LSA Spelling Bee

14th                       W                         Ash Wednesday: Lent begins

19th – 23rd              M – F                    NO CLASSES: Mid-Winter Recess

26th                       M                         8: 30 a.m.; Classes resume after Mid-Winter Recess


MARCH 2024                                  19 CLASS DAYS                                                         

11th – 15th              M – F                    Lutheran Schools Week Activities

22nd                      F                           Third Quarter Ends

27th                       W                         Report Cards Issued (P/T Conferences, as scheduled, see April)

28th                       Th                        NO CLASSES: Maundy Thursday

29th                       F                           NO CLASSES: Good Friday


APRIL 2024                                     17 CLASS DAYS                                                         

1st – 5th                  M – F                    NO CLASSES: Easter Recess

8th                         M                         8: 30 a.m.; Classes resume after Easter Recess

8th – 10th                M – W                  (Parent Conferences, as scheduled.)

23rd                       Tu                        Spring School Picture Day


MAY 2024                                        22 CLASS DAYS                                                         

6th – 10th                M – F                    Standardized Testing Week

9th                         Th                        The Ascension of Our Lord

27th                       M                         NO CLASSES: Memorial Day (Observed)


JUNE 2024                                       10 CLASS DAYS   (1 Teacher Work Day)                     

3rd – 7th                  M – F                    Final Exams Week – Fourth Quarter Wrap-up

12th                       W                         Field Day (P.E. uniforms)

13th                       Th                        NO CLASSES: Teacher Work Day

14th                       F                           8: 30 a.m.: Report Cards Issued/Last Day of Classes

                                                          10: 30 a.m. Graduation/Moving Up Ceremony


[*Any and all changes to this Calendar will be announced by the Principal/School Board]




September - 17; October - 21; November - 19; December - 16;  January - 21;

February - 16; March – 19; April - 17; May - 22; June - 9 =

Total:                                   177

Conference and Work:    + 3

GRAND TOTAL:                 180



MARKING PERIODS: Period         End-Date    Days  Report Cards Issued

I               Nov 3rd        41      November 9th

II              Jan 19th       45      January 26th

III            Mar 22nd      40      March 27th

IV             Jun 14th       51      June 14th

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